The week in links (06/28)

JQuery-Combinators seamless_database_pool jqfundamentals sailing-down-the-hudson-with-rvm aws-importexport-api.html new-cloudwatch-metrics-for-amazon-ebs-volumes.html More interesting this week was writing my first Rails3 app. An internal helper app, something that makes our lives just a touch easier. It’s the sort of app that 37Signals would turn into a revenue stream. There’s one more feature I’d like to see added but the core is


This is exactly what my weekend needs. acta-freakin’-absolutely what I need to heal up from this week. This week was… unpleasant. I guy with a shopping cart walks up to me yesterday. “You were in the Marines, weren’t you?” (Nope. Sorry.) “You look a like military guy. Army?” (Nope. Sorry). “Any of the services? Navy?”

The week in links (06/21)

MagLev with rvm. ( ‘rvm install maglev-23673’) If you’ve ever wished you could have push notifications sent to your iPhone when someone commits to your repository… Showcase of CoffeeScript – 2.5 mins for your next Dev Group meeting business_time gem how-rails-3-enables-more-choices-part-1 jquery-offline rack-offline A quick gist to get you up and running with Rails 3

Father’s day ride

I got up a little after 5 a.m. and splashed some water on my hands and face then checked my email. I took some dried fruit from the kitchen and munched for a minute while I read before going to the bathroom to put on my cycling clothes. I didn’t want to disturb Lisa and

Tech and design links

Fastr – A Web Framework for Ruby This year, on August 19, celebrate Whyday. Set aside that day to remember Why’s contributions to our community and culture by hacking just for the fun and joy of it. Quick & Powerful Ruby Desktop Applications Mongrel2 Everyday git interface for human beings. Luke asked: “vendored gems/plugins with

The week in links data-driven-application-deployment-with-chef/ continuous-delivery pastrykit-an-iphone-webdev-library-from-apple “Hiding the MobileSafari address bar, providing fixed-position toolbars, and providing scrolling with momentum — by disabling regular scrolling and setting up its own view hierarchy and implementing its own scrolling.” cross-domain-ajax-with-cross-origin-resource-sharing/ cross-domain-ajax-is-really-here zentest-version-432-has-been-released flash-cookies-the-silent-privacy-killer/ Nice design improvement: never-miss-the-key-hole/ using-watchr-to-check-on-your-tests.html details-on-the-new-google-webfont-api/ asset_fingerprint to-rails-3-or-not-to-rails-3-that-is-the-question/ nice-ui-touch-from-the-new-york-times-there