Sergey Brin is worried

Sergey Brin is worried: You mean like how google drives around filming the world, mapping your home wifi network, and when you complain tells you “Set up your network better”? That’s scary, but of course, that’s not what he’s scared of. Because that would be evil and google’s not evil. Brin said he and co-founder

The Argument That Apple Cannot Keep Growing

The Argument That Apple Cannot Keep Growing: I agree with one thing: sustaining high profit margins is difficult. But where Denninger goes wrong is in assuming that competitors can easily or quickly copy what Apple is doing. His argument is no different than the dire predictions for the iPod a decade ago. Yes, Apple’s hardware

Time and taste

Time and taste: Most people don’t have great taste. (And they don’t care, so it doesn’t matter to them.) They usually like tasteful, well-designed products, but often don’t recognize why, or care more about other factors when making buying decisions. People who naturally recognize tasteful, well-designed products are a small subset of the population. But