The Batch

The Batch: I won’t bore you or your readers with the technical details on how I built the Batch. What interests me more is the design process. I find detailed accounts of nailing boards together tedious. When you build by eye like me and every other garden variety savage, you measure with your heart, lengths


My friends Matt and Christine got married today. Yesterday in…: I have never ridden a segment in my life. I ride rides. To feel and fall into and be a celebrant of a road’s rhythm is better to me than to be a king of a thing that does not exist on that road. Someone

→ Tail wagging

→ Tail wagging: Matt Gemmell on skeuomorphism and intuitive design: Matt, a programmer by trade, addresses the skeuomorphism debate more effectively than most designers I’ve heard arguing about it. [Here’s my pull quote:] Children don’t seem to be having problems grasping those concepts, even if Jakob Neilsen thinks they should. They’re not confused by interactive

Michael, Steve, & Lance

OTL: Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building – ESPN: THE OPPOSITE OF this creeping nostalgia is the way Jordan has always collected slights, inventing them — nurturing them. He can be a breathtaking asshole: self-centered, bullying and cruel. That’s the ugly side of greatness. He’s a killer, in the Darwinian sense of the word,