Jackass of the Week: NBC Universal’s Jeff Zucker

Jackass of the Week: NBC Universal’s Jeff Zucker: NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker claims Apple “destroyed the music business in terms of pricing”. As John Paczkowski points out, the going rate for digital downloads pre-iTunes was zero. Zero.

So while they sit around until hell freezes over waiting for Apple to voluntarily just start sharing iPod hardware profits with entertainment companies for no good reason whatsoever, that’s what they’re going to get for video now, too: zero.

[There’s a lot of entrenched thinking around “content”. More here. Disclosure: Oxygen, the company I work for was bought by NBC Universal.]
Source: Daring Fireball

2 thoughts on “Jackass of the Week: NBC Universal’s Jeff Zucker

  1. I agree with you. Apple didn’t destroy the music business (quite the opposite they are helping it). The big 5 record companies destroyed it by not recognizing the changing playing field that technology would bring. A good leason in my opinion for television companies too.

  2. Worse, I think they’re missing the critical notion that in the end “Network” or “Label” owned/produced content will not matter. People can carry my self produced content just as easily as any other… and other ways to fund shows (including more creative use of limited funds) and recordings means that “networks” and “labels” are reduced to nothing more than a form of VC funding for creative folks, and therefore are not necessary and are terribly limiting in most cases. The internet has disintermediated their ass. The sooner they understand that and find ways to become an open conduit for the exchange of ideas, the better off they’ll fair long term.

    Some kids with an HD camcorder and iMac are going to produce a film that blows the world away, and it’s not going to be shown on a network until after “everyone” has seen it. It’s only a matter of time.

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