NBC vs. Apple: SNL’s iPhone’Sketch

NBC vs. Apple: SNL’s iPhone Sketch: Either way, you must sit through a 15-second TV-style commercial before you get to the clip — a chilling vision of what the Internet would look like if it had been invented by the folks who run broadcast television. [Yeah… I know ads are big business, but no one is interested in interruption based ads anymore, if they ever were. The entrenched thinking that is forcing ads into the process (again) is wrong. The question is not “how can we shove ads down their throats, we love ads” it’s “how can we make money from this now that the ‘network’ is not relevant.” An example old school ads that work are product placement. Work defined as, I may or may not care what phone, car, cereal, shoes, etc. folks in the movie are wearing, but I may, so especially in an online download, make sure that metadata is there, and feel free to track the click, and make some money from it.]
Source: FORTUNE: Apple 2.0

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