I’ll try to make room for you

I’ve tried really hard to get past the passing of Susan last week. I’ve never met her, I only passed a couple of emails to Elden here and there. But the ride a week from this Sunday (Strength is forever. Fight Like Susan. for which I’m still raising money) has kept her in my mind far more than I would have thought. Dug, a friend of the Nelson’s wrote this a couple of days back:

As part of the rambling, Sue casually mentioned how tired she was, and how nice it would be if she could just climb up into the bed with Susan and they could cuddle and rest and just “be.”

And to her surprise, Susan fluttered open her eyes, painfully reached over to the bed guard (when the act of rolling over was fraught with danger of broken bones), struggling to open it, and weakly whispered “I’ll try to make room for you.”

Dug asks a good question there at the end. I couldn’t help thinking that the action implied by that phrase can change the world. If we all just made room for each other, our differing beliefs, ideas, and thoughts… If we all just scrunched over a bit to accomodate the next person… simply because. How can it not be the right thing to do, to give a little of whatever you have? Even if it might hurt. The world can be a far better place. Susan gave us a glimpse.

Strength is forever. Fight Like Susan.

2 thoughts on “I’ll try to make room for you

  1. Jenni says:

    I never saw that post, but again, now I’m trying not to cry. Wow, that’s an amazing story.
    And isn’t the ride on the 23rd? (Re: not this sunday)

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