Lance Armstrong’s visit to Piermont

Lance Armstrong’s visit to Piermont:


He also told photographer Seth Harrison that he was surprised by how beautiful and challenging the ride was from the city to Piermont. He said this on Twitter, “Done riding. That out/back is one of the best in America.”

[I wouldn’t have minded discussing it with him. It isn’t often a cycling celebrity drop into my backyard. I tried to reach my friends and did reach the bike shop that is right around the corner. But I suspect that they gave that standard I’m too hip for Lance crap that is part and parcel of workin’ in many bike shops. I agree with David’s sentiments and I couldn’t raise a million dollars in an evening if I sold every possession I own and bunch that I don’t… and my work with his Livestrong Foundation has inspired me to found Because people should *not* be scared and alone when we can quietly help.]
Source: Cycling Central

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