The Rapha Cycle Club Opening


I love the quote they chose for the wall.

Rapha opened their pop-up, the Rapha Cycling Club last night.

I walked down there after work which was interesting in and of itself. Since we’re talking style, let me say this. Woman of New York: Should you decide to wear a clingy knit dress, or a tight shirt, etc. and clearly some of you do, consider the effect of the clothes you wear beneath the outer garment. The seemingly intended effect is ruined by bunched, loose, ill fitting, poorly coordinated under garments. To be fair I saw some equally egregious lack of coordinated efforts from men, but who cares? Just another slob.


Anyway. I got down there quite a bit early, and killed some time checking out the neighborhood. As it got closer to the right time I just barged in. I was quickly welcomed by Slate Olson and later Derrick Lewis. We chit chatted, and I learned that Rapha doesn’t know what they’re doing with their currently engineless broom wagon when the 3 months are up. Might you have a suggestion?

There was a lovely spread and some great cycling artifacts on display. Some of the Paul Smith items they collborations were on display including the lovely courier bag.

the spread

Not long after fondling that very bag I heard a small crash behind me, and someone had had the misfortune of placing the bag back on the shelf and having the shelf collapse to the floor. In the whirlwind that followed I met Michael from A Continuous Lean. I had met him once before at some other event that has faded into the dusty cobwebs of my mind, but it was nice to chat with him. A regular read from the design and manufacturing side of life.

The place really filled up as things got started officially, Stella’s were being served, coffee was brewed, and the food consumed. (I had a walnut the size of my fist…) It would be nice to catch a ride with some of these folks, especially if they plan to come up to Rockland (a classic New York ride).

Congrats to all the folks who worked hard to get the place going for the summer. There’ll be daily airings of the Tour etc. 352 Bowery, New York, NY 10012, (Down by Cooper Union) Phone: 212.228.1529, *Opening 3rd July, 2010.* The bar is run by ThirdRailCoffee who are planning some cuppings and coffee related things. There’s interior bike parking as well.

The Broom Wagon

Explaining nothing

Often people ask me about tweets or posts or other utterances they run across and don’t understand. I thought I’d mention a few recurring themes that may provide some context for some of these things.

I’ve spent a lifetime studying design and designing things. Many things I’ve designed are “soft” as in software design and features, web apps and the like. Many are not, like wooden trays, houses, cities, fixtures, furniture, lamps, etc.

Working with electrons is very different than working with atoms. Atoms are expensive in ways that electrons are not. There is a finality to their current state that informs their use, and within the act of creation there is an alteration that may only occur once for that object in its lifetime. For example, each piece of wood is different. There might be similar, but none alike. Ruin the piece and it is gone forever. Electrons lack permanence. They are etherial, coming and going at seemingly their own whim. They require “backup” and other schemes to preserve the designs intent and ensure orderly availability of some collection of electrical impulses when they are desired.

And so there is a balance to be found in working with both. They both require patience and tolerance from me. They both demand attention and care and thoughtfulness. But I can put my hands on and smell and touch the atoms and so the experience of building with them is very different. Bringing the design to life is a key part of the process for me. Design on paper or CAD or pencil sketch is just thinking. The execution is just as important to me.

Here’s Jon Ives talking about some of his (currently) recent work. And here I pass on some advice to my team about things that inform my approach to work… and my off the cuff response to how things are going.

And some of it is pure tech. Can’t help you there. Look up some terms of you care to… although if you’re interested I’m willing to help but mostly, people wave and say “it’s over my head.” So not true.

And then there’s cycling stuff. Most of you follow that, though there can be obtuse references like 3391.


(I love grain edit!) Allez!

Anyway, there are some of the circular themes that don’t seem obvious from the outside, but are obvious from the inside. I expect that explains almost nothing.