10 • 10 • 10 “You be the good one.”

You be the good one.jpg

My mother’s mother was born October 10th, 1910.

It’s October, 2010. That’s two of three tens. In a few days I’ll celebrate her life on the day of her 100th birthday. Sadly, it will be without her.

She reminded each of her grandchildren, in the midst of any conflict, “You be the good one.”

Excellent advice for anyone.

Join me next Sunday in this centenary celebration by taking a moment in the midst of whatever you’re doing, especially if you are arguing with someone, or on the verge of a conflict, to remember her words, and act on them. You’ll be better for it I assure you.

She also made unmatchable tuna salad, and the very best sweet gefilte fish ever. No holiday goes by without our thinking of her.

She was the good one. Always.

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