→ The Swansea measles outbreak

→ The Swansea measles outbreak:

It’s sad, and scary, that anti-intellectual, anti-science superstition about common vaccines has made it more likely that our children will contract and spread these diseases than when we were younger. Anytime we make the world less safe against easily solvable problems, we need to seriously evaluate what we’re doing.

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[No arg, but this is a question of trust. And it proves just how little trust many people have that “everything is just fine”, when clearly for reasons not well understood something seems to have gone wrong. I can’t say and won’t whether there’s a correlation between autism and vaccines, or the preservatives used in long shelf life vaccines or anything else. But no one trusts them when they say “it’s fine” because in too many cases it turns out not to be accurate.]

Source: Marco.org

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