ongoing by Tim Bray · More Things About TV

ongoing by Tim Bray · More Things About TV: Said by “Bob” in the comments:

If con­sumers are going to be given 4k or 8k, then to “see” that res­o­lu­tion they need to have the frame sub­tend a large angle at the eye. Either they sit very close to the screen or they have very large screens. Viewers will re­sist this so long as im­ages con­tinue to be com­posed for small-screen view­ing.

[ I think this is well said, but I suspect there’s an age related aspect to this. Noah cannot possibly sit/stand/play close enough to the screen regardless of size. (I grant that the largest screen in the house is a 42″ diagonal). Still I doubt that a larger screen would change his desire for immersion and ability to ignore the pixels. So at some collection of distance/acuity/lighting etc. a 4k 80″ screen may not have value, but it certainly does for other cases.]

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