Apple previews innovative accessibility features – Apple

Apple previews innovative accessibility features – Apple:

Apple today previewed innovative software features that introduce new ways for users with disabilities to navigate, connect, and get the most out of Apple products. These powerful updates combine the company’s latest technologies to deliver unique and customizable tools for users, and build on Apple’s long-standing commitment to making products that work for everyone.

[One group that I don’t feel is classified as disabled is the elderly. As we age, things that were once easy and not requiring much through or intention become difficult to impossible. Part of the issue is the huge spread in ability as we age… there’s no easy single solution. But there is similarity to other stages of life and therefore we should be able to produce features that make it easier to manage the complexity of device life.

If anyone would like to work on some ideas in this area, I’d love to be involved. I’m looking at you Apple, but any Indy iOS devs are welcome!]

Scripting News: The Bose speaker review

Scripting News: The Bose speaker review:

I had to download their app just to turn it on, and then I had to create an account on their service. I also had to check off their agreement, which of course I didn’t read. So right off the bat, before it even says anything to me, I hate it.#

[I totally get that hatred. Bose makes some great sounding stuff, and I understand the BigCo product pipeline that leads to the desire to compete (Better Sound because Bose! Now with Alexa!) but the cost is too high in terms of privacy and design. And in case apparently in dollars too. I have owned Bose products for “daily driver” listening for 30 years… because they appreciated the need for quality sound in a small package.]

My iPhone Walk shortcut (NFC)

I’ve been walking for over six months on a daily basis, and it felt like it was time to automate the start of the routine. The shortcut looks like this:

IMG 2804

I hold my phone near the NFC tag and it vibrates the phone, starts the workout on my watch, and send a message to my wife letting her know I’m out the door.

I’ll test and tweak for a few days and then create another for the end of the walk. Update: Sadly there is no “end workout” event as of yet… that sucks.

20. Framing

20. Framing:

Which customer segment is affected? How valuable is this segment compared to the others? What other things are going on in the business that need our attention? You’ll sometimes see live SQL queries and people pulling up past customer research data in a framing session to answer a question or narrow down the opportunity.

The output of a framing session is a well-framed problem: something where the business says “if we can shape this into something doable and execute within X weeks, that will be meaningful to us.” There’s a commitment to spend time shaping, but not yet a commitment to go into a build cycle. That final bet still needs to be made based on how the shaping goes.

[A missing link to a great degree for many companies.]

Screen Shot 2022 03 23 at 2 00 31 PM

Apple’s Self Service Repair now available

Apple’s Self Service Repair now available:

The new online store offers more than 200 individual parts and tools, enabling customers who are experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices to complete repairs on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups and iPhone SE (3rd generation), such as the display, battery, and camera. Later this year the program will also include manuals, parts, and tools to perform repairs on Mac computers with Apple silicon.

[Still checking this out, but maybe it’ll help savvy folks fix their phones.]

Senate Confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court

Senate Confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court: Live Updates:

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, making her the first Black woman to be elevated to the pinnacle of the judicial branch in what her supporters hailed as a needed step toward bringing new diversity and life experience to the court.

Overcoming a concerted effort by conservative Republicans to derail her nomination, Judge Jackson was confirmed on a 53-47 vote, with three Republicans joining all 50 Democrats in backing her. The vote was a rejection of Republican attempts to paint her as a liberal extremist who has coddled criminals. Dismissing those portrayals as distorted and offensive, Judge Jackson’s backers saw the confirmation as an uplifting occasion, one where a representative of a group often pushed into the background instead moved to the forefront.


The Slap Trap Crap | NextDraft

The Slap Trap Crap | NextDraft:

Because this is an example of the same kind of asinine false equivalence that we’ve seen soil the media for the past several years. There were not two sides to Trump’s habitual lying. There are not two sides to the vaccine debate. There are not two sides to the potential upside of using disinfectant on the inside of your body. There are not two sides to the climate change debate. There are not two sides to the Jan 6 insurrection story. There are not two sides to the 2020 election results. Yesterday, Donald Trump requested that Vladimir Putin dig up and share dirt on Joe Biden’s family. At a time of war, that’s straight up treachery, the kind of anti-American garbage this criminal has been spewing for years. End of story.

Being unbiased does not mean giving lies the same weight as the truth.

[All the yes!]

Flooding the Zone – by Damon Krukowski

Flooding the Zone – by Damon Krukowski:

Summing the number of artists listed in these seven categories, we get a total of 156,700. Not exactly the same as the 165,000 “artists who have released at least ten songs all-time and average at least 10,000 monthly listeners,” but close. (Asking Spotify to be precise with numbers seems to be unrealistic.) Close enough that perhaps it’s a fair assumption these two figures are related – and the seven categories are subdivisions of the 165,000 total “professional” accounts.


Source: Mark Hurst

Last man standing – All this

Last man standing – All this:

The main problem with the man command is that it takes over your terminal window—you can’t refer to it while you’re constructing a command unless you open a second terminal window first or use the control-click trick. To get around this problem, I wrote a short shell script, called bman, that opens the man page in a new BBEdit window. Since I always have BBEdit running, this works just about as fast as the regular old man command.

[Nice idea.]