Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired

Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired – The New York Times: Treating workers as if they are widgets to be used up and discarded is a central part of the revised relationship between employers and employees that techies proclaim is an innovation as important as chips and software. The model originated in Silicon Valley, but it’s spreading.… Continue reading Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired

Some comments on The Anarchist’s Design Book

Some comments on The Anarchist’s Design Book: Which brings me to my final point. Schwarz has been one of my favorite go-to writers for matters of technique for well over a decade. With this book, (and to be honest, this really snuck up on me) he’s also suddenly sitting as one of my favorite designers.… Continue reading Some comments on The Anarchist’s Design Book

NY State bill that bans the sale of smartphones

Why Apple Defends Encryption: Now is the time when we get to decide if we have a right to privacy and security, and the limits of our government for the digital age. It won’t happen because of public statements by tech leaders. No, it’s up to us to make our opinions about online privacy and… Continue reading NY State bill that bans the sale of smartphones

Apple Car Thinking

More Apple Car Thoughts: Software Culture | Monday Note: Just because the software running inside Apple’s personal computing devices is considered high quality doesn’t mean that the culture that produces it is capable of producing the high-reliability, real-time embedded software needed for an electric car. I am one of the many who believe culture always… Continue reading Apple Car Thinking