Turnings is the weblog of Daniel Berlinger.

Daniel is known for having diverse skills ranging from computer programming to being an excellent guitar player.

Some of his finest work (if you ask him) includes marrying his wife Lisa, and playing a part in the creation of his son Noah.

The Really Simply Discoverability format he designed (with help from the blogging community) is widely supported as a means of making blog client software easy to use with blog engine software.


  • I occasionally enter into affiliate relationships with other businesses, I disclose these if they appear in links or whatever… At the moment there are no relationships of this sort.


One thought on “About

  1. brian blair says:

    Hi there-

    I stumbled on your blog while looking for pictures of Mike’s Monstercross Moots. I always liked that bike when Mike owned it and was shocked that he sold it!

    All that to say……if you ever decide to sell it please let me know. I’d gladly take it off your hands!



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