When your wife complains…


…that you haven’t posted anything new on your blog, chances are it means you haven’t written anything in a long, long while.

I’ve had a very hectic spring. First there was grand jury duty 3 days a week for a month. Battenkill was next with my attempts to get some miles in, finish the Moots build and the glorious ride itself. Then Passover hit like a ton of bricks. Cleaning, preparing, going away, coming back, having company, etc. Then back to work, full time, with the long commute, catching up on stuff I missed.

So, yeah, hectic. Joyous, glorious, wonderful! But hectic. And I had to prioritize and the blog took a hit. So it goes.

And now that things are settling back into a bit of rhythm, I take a moment to catch up here. So what’s next?

I’m going to continue to work on filling the hole in the driveway, get the gutters repaired (this winter’s huffing and puffing blew them off the house in places), I could well be riding the 100 Miles of Nowhere this Sunday, and be marshalling the 5 boro bike tour on the 2nd. I’m working on a top secret gift for Lisa that she knows all about (naturally), and Noah’s on the verge of celebrating his 5th birthday.

Work got a bike parking program together and I’m trying to find ways to make use of it (starts too late, ends too early, and they strip all rights from anyone who signs up (you pay for damage to the building, overtime for the freight elevator operator, removal of your bike should you leave it overnight etc. etc. etc. all without any agreement baout how much and for what. Damn lawyers.) They’ve not made it easy, or friendly, but it’s a start, and I hope to at least get some exercise out of it even if I can’t use it to help my commute.

Noah has a garden he wants to plant, and I’m looking forward to getting everyone out into the sunshine. It’s been a bit cool until late in the day, and we always have plenty to do, so it hasn’t happened yet, but another few weeks should do it.

There’s some longer term reviews I’ve been meaning to post about and some other stuff. So hopefully now that things are settling in, I’ll get to them. See ya soon!

PS I ganked the picture from somewhere the other day, and now I can’t find the person to credit them. If someone knows, get in touch!! Thanks.