The week in links (06/28)

JQuery-Combinators seamless_database_pool jqfundamentals sailing-down-the-hudson-with-rvm aws-importexport-api.html new-cloudwatch-metrics-for-amazon-ebs-volumes.html More interesting this week was writing my first Rails3 app. An internal helper app, something that makes our lives just a touch easier. It’s the sort of app that 37Signals would turn into a revenue stream. There’s one more feature I’d like to see added but the core is… Continue reading The week in links (06/28)


This is exactly what my weekend needs. acta-freakin’-absolutely what I need to heal up from this week. This week was… unpleasant. I guy with a shopping cart walks up to me yesterday. “You were in the Marines, weren’t you?” (Nope. Sorry.) “You look a like military guy. Army?” (Nope. Sorry). “Any of the services? Navy?”… Continue reading Xactly

The week in links (06/21)

MagLev with rvm. ( ‘rvm install maglev-23673’) If you’ve ever wished you could have push notifications sent to your iPhone when someone commits to your repository… Showcase of CoffeeScript – 2.5 mins for your next Dev Group meeting business_time gem how-rails-3-enables-more-choices-part-1 jquery-offline rack-offline A quick gist to get you up and running with Rails 3… Continue reading The week in links (06/21)

The week in links data-driven-application-deployment-with-chef/ continuous-delivery pastrykit-an-iphone-webdev-library-from-apple “Hiding the MobileSafari address bar, providing fixed-position toolbars, and providing scrolling with momentum — by disabling regular scrolling and setting up its own view hierarchy and implementing its own scrolling.” cross-domain-ajax-with-cross-origin-resource-sharing/ cross-domain-ajax-is-really-here zentest-version-432-has-been-released flash-cookies-the-silent-privacy-killer/ Nice design improvement: never-miss-the-key-hole/ using-watchr-to-check-on-your-tests.html details-on-the-new-google-webfont-api/ asset_fingerprint to-rails-3-or-not-to-rails-3-that-is-the-question/ nice-ui-touch-from-the-new-york-times-there… Continue reading The week in links