What just happened?

Just a few seconds ago it was February. Now it’s April. What the…!

I started writing this yesterday morning, but well, that’s exactly how things have been going. It’s been busy, happy, troubling, joyous, and filled with code. Lots of work. Plenty of Noah time (yay!). Not enough time with Lisa (boo!). A small amount of riding around the edges.

On the tech side, I’ve been digging more deeply into Redis. A wonderful tool added to my kit over the last year. I still feel like I’m just grazing the surface here.

After many years (not since her wedding?) I had a chance to grab lunch with Lynn, a friend since college. Unbeknownst to either of us, that was a Long Time Ago™. Really nice to see her. lynn and me

More soon. I’ve got two really cool rides coming up.