On Windows Phone 8 & Surface

On Windows Phone 8 & Surface:

Except, of course, that the vast majority of Windows apps have to be rewritten for the Metro UI first. And then—if there’s any lesson anyone should take away from iOS, it’s this—you have to understand that the user experience, no matter how similar both the developer API and the user interfaces are, is different on the tablet, the phone, and the desktop. There’s a reason that iPad users don’t run iPhone apps on their pads unless there’s no other choice, and that iPhone apps don’t look like iPad apps but just smaller. Microsoft appears to be preaching the write once, run anywhere gospel of virtual machines through time immemorial, and it’s quite possible that they’ve got the virtual machine problem finally solved. That doesn’t mean they have the user experience problem solved.

With that in mind, I present my boldly flavored bowl of claim chowder.

[We’ll see.]

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Why Lance matters a lot and not at all

Why Lance matters a lot and not at all:

You also stopped caring because at this point doping is factored into your view of the pro peloton. You know some people are doing it. You know that extraordinary results from ordinary people are suspicious. You know that just like in every other sport, some people will cheat and get away with it. And you know what? Who cares? Catch them if you can, but please let me sit back and enjoy the freak show and don’t remind me every ten minutes that it’s professional wrestling on bikes. And grab me another beer while you’re up.

[Smack on. This applies to all pro sports by the way… at least for me.]

How Apple will turn the Net’s top into TV’s bottom

How Apple will turn the Net’s top into TV’s bottom:

These deals will be motivated by a shared sense that Something Must Be Done, and by knowing that Apple will make TV look and work better than anybody else ever could. The carriers have seen this movie before, and they’d rather have a part in it than outside of it. For a view of the latter, witness the fallen giants called Sony and Nokia.

I don’t know anything about Apple’s plans. But I know a lot about Apple, as do most of us. Here are the operative facts as they now stand (or at least as I see them):

[A must read (if you care about content distribution).]

Source: Doc Searls Weblog

Apple Television, AirPlay and Why the iPad is the new TV Apps Platform

Apple Television, AirPlay and Why the iPad is the new TV Apps Platform – Jeremy Allaire – Voices – AllThingsD:

But it won’t matter, because with Apple TV, cable content is just an app. What matters is that soon potentially tens of millions of HD capable monitors will become a screen for the hundreds of thousands of apps running on devices that are already in your hands.

[Jeremy Allaire priced plenty of reason and detail, but the truth is what else could it be? Dive into the morass that is networks and related contracts? I can’t imagine…]