Hacking TextMate

Hacking TextMate:

Hans-Jörg Bibiko decided he couldn’t wait for a real scripting API (i.e. allowing you to remote control TextMate) and wrote TMTOOLS, a shell command that works as a mini interpreter where the commands are all TextMate actions.

You can find the help file for TMTOOLS here and his latest mailing list letter about TMTOOLS here.

Speaking of hacking, Ciarán Walsh (maintainer of the PHP and SQL bundles, and contributor extraordinaire) recently started a blog with several TM hacks, for example to make the project drawer show Finder labels or Subversion status.

Also on his blog is a glyph input manager which add the functionality mentioned in the multi-stroke key bindings post but which does not require you to remember the arcane multi-stroke key bindings (Leopard users have a look at the release notes).

On his site, but not on his blog, is also a ReMate plug-in to disable the auto-updating of the project drawer (the feature that drives people working over network connections insane). Another approach to this problem is by Rob McBroom who recently announced a Remote Project bundle on the mailing list.

Disclaimer: With the exception of Rob’s bundle, the above is all based on undocumented functionality or using things in ways they were not supposed to be used, i.e. end user innovation.

[Nice work!]
Source: TextMate Blog

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