RSD and AtomPub — Together again for the first time…

It Pays To Advertise: Joe Cheng: Configuring an AtomPub blog needs to be equally easy. For some reason, people in the AtomPub community don’t seem to like RSD (only Six Apart puts Atom endpoints in RSD). We need another autodiscovery mechanism.

Hmmm.  When I looked at RSD nearly five years ago, it didn’t seem so bad.  In any case, here’s a ticket and a patch to get WordPress to support autodiscovery of AtomPub endpoints.

[Here, here! And the peasants rejoiced! And the reason one (influential) person in the Atom community didn’t like RSD wasn’t for technical reasons, but because Dave Winer is an acquaintance, and an early supporter of RSD… and he was reviled by some members of that community. Anyway, all these years later, RSD is quietly doing its job, and should be employed for this purpose. That was kinda the point, with no preference for one API over another. Thanks Sam!]
Source: Sam Ruby

3 thoughts on “RSD and AtomPub — Together again for the first time…

  1. It would be helpful if “Atom” was added to the “***Well known API names”. I was tempted to use “AtomPub”, but it seems TypePad currently uses “Atom”.

    I tried entering this on the form provided, but it seems to be broken.

  2. @Sam: Done… for the original and the copy I control directly. I’ve sent a request to have the other copy updated. Sorry about the form, I’ll fix it as soon as I can…


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