5 thoughts on “A Little Thing About Software License Receipts

  1. At the moment there are two things… one is stupid little one, that it doesn’t remember the size of the editing window I prefer… so I open a new window to write a post, I resize the window, and then the next time I get to do it again.

    The other, which I admit might be there somewhere but I don’t know where, is a hook so that I can push some subset of a post to twitter or some other service with a link (either the newly created link from the post, or a link from within the post) kinda like what NNW does with Twitter, but on the other side. There might, ahem, be a service I’d like to talk to at that point, cough, cough. Too early to tell…

  2. Thanks – the window size thing you can solve at least partly by selecting Window -> Save Default Window Size.

    As for the hooks – it’s like on my “dream feature” list ;) I will get to it one of these days. The ability to offer generic scripted actions before and after a post goes to the server will I think fill in a lot of feature gaps for people.


  3. Hey cool, thanks. (Why the special command? How about a set window to default and otherwise just remember what I set?)

    As for the hooks, well I kinda guessed that… :~)

  4. One more thing… would it be possible to switch post to blog and save? I’d love command-s to post and command-shift-d to save locally. I’m just wired that way. :~)

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