Isomorphic SmartClient: Now Open Source

Isomorphic SmartClient: Now Open Source:

Isomorphic has made a leap of faith to a new opensource business model today. They have freed up their SmartClient Ajax platform by releasing it under the LGPL license.

The piece that has been opensourced “includes the typical set of Ajax UI components that are now available from several vendors, but goes beyond the standard offering with support for very large datasets, metadata management, advanced skinning and branding, WSDL/SOA binding, and many other features

Extensions to SmartClient LGPL, including the SmartClient Java Server, the SmartClient Visual Builder tool, and several industry-specific optional modules, continue to be available for purchase.”

It is interesting to see that the market almost seems to require that you are opensource, else the barrier to playing around is too high.

[I’m not so sure that last paragraph is true…]
Source: Ajaxian

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