Making the OpenSocial API feel more at home

Making the OpenSocial API feel more at home:

Chris Chabot has been doing a lot of experimentation with the new OpenSocial APIs. He has written up his experience and created two prototype wrappers.

The first short article has some general information and background.

The second article includes the first library you can tell to load (owner, viewer, ownerFriends and/or
viewerFriends) information, and presents this information in an uniform way (instead of having to do different type of calls for different information fields) and with proper consistent error handling. With it you can very easily create your first OpenSocial container application in a friendly prototype style environment. You can take a direct look at the library itself.

The third article contains a Ajax.Request implementation, since Prototype’s version won’t work well or even at all in the cross domain environment of open social containers, it allows you to re-use your current Prototype based programs by trying to mimic Prototype’s Ajax call as well as possible given the constraints of the situation. Under the hood, _IG_FetchContent is used to talk back to the server.

It is good to see people take the raw APIs and make them feel more like their library of choice.

Source: Ajaxian

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