Caught in Apple restart hell

Caught in Apple restart hell: Oh, and if you think I have something against Apple, no I don’t. But my computer, a 17-inch MacBookPro, has already been in the shop twice. My son’s MacBookPro 15-inch has been in the shop twice and has a dead USB port now so both of our machines need to go back into the shop.

What’s ironic is lots of other computer companies would LOVE to give me free stuff (I don’t take it) but Apple is the only company that’s never raised a PR finger to help me. Instead I feel so honored to spend my money on this crap. Why? Just to have a shiny machine?

Well, sorry. The shine is wearing off. Screw you Apple.

[I really wish he hadn’t mixed these two issues… that of him having problems and the lack of PR love. The second issue shouldn’t even be brought up, especially in this context, as it makes it seem like the problem is that Apple’s given him no free stuff. Now, as far as problems are concerned, there’s nothing more frustrating than a dead machine for most of us who live on one machine and don’t have a shelf full of replacements. So I feel his pain as Apple’s theme of “It just works” can be annoying, since it doesn’t always, and despite an OK track record things still things do go wrong for everyone at times. I wish Apple didn’t claim this, since it isn’t true, but still, the issues here got mixed beyond my ability to parse them. ]
Source: Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger

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