Useful products for parents…

For those of us of the tech world a couple of useful items that I can’t find. Maybe there out there, in which case I hope you folks can point me to them…

1) A decent sized screen (7 – 9 inches) with a couple of speakers that I can attach to an iPod (preferably wirelessly), to play video. Please no fancy switches on the front, or other enticements for little fingers or feet. The screen should be able to display behind the front seat headrest, preferably from a nice strong bracket rather than straps of some sort. It should cost something reasonable rather than twice the cost of an iPod. Alternate uses, a portable system for displaying presentations, or catching up on various bits of, ahem, culture.

2) A small something that I can insert/stick on/into his favorite toy or whatever that sounds an alarm when that small item gets more than a few feet away from the unit in my pocket, with a distance setting. A couple of common scenarios… Kid in stroller, falling asleep, grip loosening on favorite toy. Toy falls out of stroller quietly so parents don’t notice who then frantically have to search for it later… Or on a sneaker which someone’s child loves to remove… etc. Should work on bottles and other stuff, although I understand the range issues here may prove difficult. Let’s see though, OK? Alternate uses for this include not forgetting or losing keys, wallets, phones. etc.

Lemme know?


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