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Watchdogging Blogging: I think the best way to bring change about, is not by any cyclists’ rights movement, but by individual riders, clubs and small groups of friends who ride together setting their own rules and codes of behavior.

When I’m out riding, I expect sloppy and poor driving from some people. I see it all the time when I drive my car, so it is not going to change just because I am on a bike. I stay alert; I ride defensively, and try not to let it spoil my ride. [First, I’d like to thank Dave for being thoughtful and writing about these issues.

Cyclists, when driving, often act/drive very similarly to car only folks with the common exception of usually treating other cyclists with courtesy (although amazingly, not always!). Same high speed, low courtesy, me first, doing too much at once behind the wheel, stuff (to generalize) that I find so obviously dangerous when on my bike. If everyone who rides a bike would drive as if they were on their bike it would be a great start, and would “put money where their mouth is”.]
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What I Do – onward flows the meme perpetuated

What I Do – a meme perpetuated: Far be it form me to break the chain… so here goes.

My Day Job

I work as a software developer at Oxygen Media, which was recently bought by NBC/Universal. I’m still not sure how all that will shake out for me.

Frankly I hate the term “day job” because it implies drudgery or sysiphisian tasks to me — that the only reason I do what I do every day is because I need to pay bills. That’s not something that I see as “life affirming”. And truly, life is too short to spend so much of it doing stuff you don’t like. I try not to. So while I don’t commute to Chelsea because of any love for commuting to Chelsea (1.5 – 2.25 hours one way on average), it has been, for the last year or so, a chance to work, learn, and play with some very talented, creative, and energetic people, and it certainly remains my plan to continue to place myself in situations where those qualities are abundant and appreciated.

My “Contribution”

I’m not as organized about this as some. I’ve sent a pile of recordings and equipment to my former college. I’ve supported some folks with debilitating MS with other gear that they couldn’t afford. I’ve sent money to various cancer fighting institutions, and done a bunch of fund raising recordings for folks who’ve ask. I’ve spent a little time building bikes for kids who otherwise would’ve gone without. I prefer my giving face to face as it were. It’s harder to bear the pain, shame, embarrassment, and need, but it increases the chance of real good occurring (I should add that the pain and embarrassment etc. is *mine* for paying so little attention to the needs of others and society, and so much to myself. (And even this is all about me. Sigh.)) I’ve authored some software and formats that are used by a large segment of the public and those things were free for the enjoyment of all from their very inception… but in all these cases I get way more out of it than the folks at the other end. So who’s contributing to whom? I dunno. But there it is.

My Night Job

I don’t really have one. I always figured that if I was so amped about something that I wanted to do it in the precious non-work hours, that I should do it fulltime. I can’t always make that happen, but I try. I still consult for some folks because they’ve maintained an ongoing relationship. I still play on recordings for some folks when they ask, or to cover for some particularly egregious personal situation. That’s about as close as I come.

Other Stuff

I’m a member of a number of wonderful communities. There’s a bike club that has got it’s heart and wheels in the right place. I’ve been making music with the same folks for well over 20 years, and have been part of of an informal group of developers that have worked alongside each other for a almost as long. It has never been easier for people to share their stories and form communities on the internet. It’s a great gift. But there’s nothing like getting in a room with other folks, or going for a bike ride with a group, or spending a night in a recording studio with a few friends. People are the most powerful magic the world has to offer.

My Family

I have a very tight knit family. It’s not large, one older brother, one younger sister. My wife’s family is small as well, she has one older sister. Fortunately, all our parents are with us and celebrating anniversaries well into the 40th decade. My wife Lisa and son Noah are the joys of my life. Noah is extremely sunny and bright and can’t help but brighten the lives of others, mine especially, the proud father. Our busy professional lives means that Noah spends his weekdays at school/day care. They take good care of him and he’s learned a lot. But I leave my heart in that place every day.

Who Next?

This was the hardest part. I hope the burden isn’t too great…
Jenni you’re up. And how about Seth?

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