photo_token.jpgI haven’t been on a Subway in a while… every few months it seems there’s something that causes me to take one, but I don’t ride the subway on a regular basis.

Going to meet a friend for lunch the other day it seemed to make sense to grab one, so I (and my boss) did. We got some unrequested help from the platform guy, who in years past would’ve been stuck in a booth handing out tokens, but now is amongst the people walking then through the steps of putting value into Metrocards.

As we swipe our way through the turnstiles, someone cuts in front of us and jumps the turnstile. He then proceeds to walk down the platform and pees into a corner. He now hears from the platform guy who warns him that the cops are on the way.

The not a joyous member of society saunters off down the platform knowing that a train is going to pull in any second, long before even a close by cop could respond.

All entirely too matter of fact.

Makes wonder about tourism in the City, which I now see daily, as I pass through Times Square.