Railing away…

So say what you will about the value of your web framework of choice, but I and someone I work with (who never used this particular framework) built a useable section of an app and deployed to production in two weeks. Now we had some advantages. We had worked together before for about 8 months. My partner is really smart. I have some experience with the framework. Things that were working against us. We had very little time to produce the first useable bit of functionality. We don’t have our dev environment set up. We don’t have the proper test and QA structure in place yet and we were using a significantly advanced version of the framework since the last bit of development I had done with it.

Still, Ruby on Rails and it’s community is powerful stuff. A couple of plugins, a bit of spelunking via Google, and our own understanding of web frameworks made it possible to crank out some great stuff. Even now, as we start week 4, the code is getting tighter and more Ruby like. I can’t wait to see where we’re at in six months and beyond.

It’s been amazing.

Some common stuff we’re enjoying:


Thanks to the community for solving so many problems in advance.


We’re looking forward to getting some of our solutions and ideas written up and coded for more general use. We have a public repository, and as soon as we can, we hope to start giving back.

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