A Sunday ride

ramble.pngA bunch of friends got together to ride on a glorious fall day. I met Gerry early to get in some additional miles, and as always, appreciate his experience and insight. Gerry, for all the teasing he takes is a remarkable athlete who has ridden well over 100,000 miles this decade. And that doesn’t begin to include his running or anything else. Fortunately for me Gerry is an early riser, and since I almost always have to ride early in the day, I can often catch up with him somewhere, and often he’s already been riding for a while. I’m not sure how far he had gone this morning before he met with me, but I had layered up and was ready. We spun out and had a nice pre ride spin, and caught up a bit. He’s been competing in a number of events and doing rather well.

Back at Piermont, I said hello to the guys, checked up on a couple of little things and then headed out with the group. A lovely bunch of folks, including one person who has been rehabbing for a while and is finally back on their bike, and in a related way I learned that someone who I’ve known for a while (just as smartest and lovely person as you could wish to meet, Hi Rita!) lives around the corner from me. I can’t begin to count how many times I must have ridden by her house.

Anyway, today was the perfect day for a rambling ride, enjoying the beautiful fall light, the leaves, and the crisp clean air. Add a great bunch of folks… and it’s magic.

I also completely ripped up two town line sprints after getting toasted by Jenni with the excuse that (wait for it…) I didn’t know we were competing until after she blew by me.

And below… one more piece of soon to be acquired winter gear… although I intend to get the 183 version for the front.


2 thoughts on “A Sunday ride

  1. jenni says:

    Uh huh. Anyone who knows me know that I am ALWAYS competing. Always. Excuses are like armpits my friend…everyone’s got a couple and they all stink.

    And I thought it was only one townline sprint…where was the second one? When I fell back to wait for Rita and Gene at the light? Uh, that one doesn’t exactly count.

  2. Daniel says:

    Actually, there were three… I gave you a discount on the the third one…

    It was the State line sprint that you tried and failed. That’s OK. You’ll get me next time.

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