Merrell Thermo 6 Waterproof (recommended)

thermo6waterproof.png Everyone once in a while I run into a product (that is, I wasn’t looking at the time) that turns out just great. The Merrell Thermo 6 Waterproof
is once such product.

It’s been very snowy already and all my boots and shoes are getting wet and ruined. They’re not meant for winter except for one pair, and I can’t wear them all the time (like to work) because they’re high, and lot of my pants don’t fit over them, and they’re not appropriate looking for work (that’s a whole ‘nother discussion).

I was returning a pair of gloves Noah picked out for my birthday (wrong size), and I saw the aforementioned boots. I saw that they were going to be waterproof, nice grippy looking soles, soft around the ankles, and insulated. Perfect! I tried a couple of sizes just to be certain, they’re really comfortable and warm (for the conditions in which I intend to wear them.)

I was out in them today with a few inches of snow, some sledding with Noah, and some shoveling and car clearing, and they were everything I expected at 14 degrees F.

So if you need a nice, not too costly pair of 3 season water resistant boots (but not just a membrane thing, but a “plastic” boot) recommended.

Chinese Jones?

Chinese Jones?:According to a thread on the MTBR 29er forum, a company in China is knocking off Jeff Jones’ Spaceframe. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Jeff for months now, and I have no idea if he’s yet seen these “Ti Special style MTB frames,” but they’re an interesting example of form leading function, the complete opposite of everything Jeff believes in.[How cheezy. Great artists steal… this isn’t even a serious attempt.]
Source: Speedgoat Blog

Me Tube

I’ve enjoyed the explosion of video resources on the net. People have yet another way to share moments from their lives, etc. etc. And along with that come life’s little mishaps. And as almost everyone will admit, viewing a prat fall, a slip, a fall, or a splash can be funny. It’s part sympathy, recognition that we all walk a tight rope with dignity on one side and humiliation on the other… and partially just the simple fun of watching others get in to trouble.

But I’m troubled by something as I watch some of these videos.

People face plant, bang their heads against rocks, launch themselves onto all manner of nasty surfaces and time and again the person taking the video (and you can tell when it’s hand held and when it’s not) does absolutely nothing besides watch. I was horrified when I saw one sampling from the Fail blog where a cyclist smacked their head against a rock with significant force and the person behind the camera did nothing besides ask the person (eventually) if he was alright.

Folks, two thoughts. If you witness an “unintentional result” in front of a camera… see if the person needs help rather than worry about “the shot”. The second thought is, if you’re going to do something in front of a camera know that Heisenberg understood that the camera was going to have an affect on the proceedings. For some reason, these effects seem to be almost universally negative for the person being observed for any “cusp” event.