Conan, please stay!

Conan's office window
Some of the folks at the office are distraught at the departure of Conan O’Brien and posted a large sign in the window that faces his office saying “Conan, Don’t Go!” and above you can see the response… “I already bought the tickets.” I understand he waved as well, although apparently, I’m once again not part of the in crowd and missed the event itself.

While I don’t have a picture, one of my fellow devs posted a “F” in our window, which expressed his feelings about the entire thing without causing a corporate stir.

A few minutes out of the otherwise routine days we spend toiling away at our various tasks.

And while I’m mentioning my brushes with greatness, Little Stevie van Zandt of Springsteen and Sapranos fame picked up his Range Rover up from the lot where I park. While I’d never met him before, he was pleasant to anyone who walked over and said something to him. Nice.


jones_shadow_small.png So it took month but I finally completed the first ride (of any distance) for the year. First I was sick, and the weather has been uncooperative to say the least. I still don’t need great weather, but the roads have been covered in ice and slush and salt, and the trails are too far away… so other than some turns around the backyard, and some hiking… feh.

Today was sunny, bright, and relatively warm (45 degrees give or take), so I grabbed a bike, found Jenni and went for a spin through the park. There were some sketchy parts, but mostly it was quite lovely, and overall it was a lovely spin. Big, fat, knobby tires were the order of the day and as a bonus they make you work pretty much all the time. The 165 cranks still feel little weird to me, but less so. I may try switching them out for slightly longer ones, but not just yet.

I wore some new cycling duds, a birthday gift from my wife… Jenni berates me into mentioning, and I also met the first day of “28 Days of Exercise” easily on this ride. Another first. I’m tweeting using #twentyeightdays, thinking about using #dailygoals as well (Since it can be tracked easily.

What does one call a collection of firsts? Suggestions welcome.