Finally, a sunny day

It was finally sunny, and I got out for a nice loop. 1300 ft. of climbing, 32 miles and change.


As a bonus I found a way to ride the significant hill into Harriman that leaves me on my bike. You see, I’ve been beating myself against a wall of hill that is insidious in its elevation. It starts at a 10 percent grade, but quickly eases to 8 or 9% and then again for a span to 7 or 8. But it’s just a setup. Just when you think all is well it rises back to 9% and stays there for a while, and then if that hasn’t gotten ya, rises back to 10 and then, once again, just when you think you’re good — it finishes with a section at 13%. Ow.

There’s a road that joins just before the 13% grade but that road stair steps its way to that point. Plenty of time to catch one’s breath, etc.church_jenni_hoop.jpgOn the far side of the hill I took a side road (the benefits of having a GPS with me) and found this sign, which had been nicely modified.

A great day for a ride.

2 thoughts on “Finally, a sunny day

  1. epicmoonflower says:

    so yeah, either that’s the church of Jenni-hoopin’, or the halo is representative of a very interesting body part.

    I want to do this ride!

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