A bad day, some great beer (Dogfish Head)

So it’s been kinda rough (it’s all relative, but ya know.) Work has been a challenge, it’s still rainy on the weekends, and Lisa has been going through some health stuff… and some great folks have passed away recently.

A couple guys were let go at work. And it’s never easy, and they were good guys. To clear the air we arranged our team room more to our liking. It helped clear the air, set a new spirit, brought some of the lightness that comes with cleaning and clutter removal. But it wasn’t quite enough.

We got a chance to work with someone new on some of our stuff this week. Matt has been really cool to work with, we’ve got the start of some excellent improvements. Living as he does way closer to Philly than I, he was able to procure some excellent beer which is hard to get up here.


Some friends had long ago recommended Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales, but it was not easy to get the varieties around here, and I had only tried one. But it lent enormous promise to this undertaking.

Matt understands the awesome power of beer, and in true braveheart, knight of the realm, heck or high water fashion, dragged six packs and four packs of Raison D’Etre, Indian Brown Ale, Pano Santo Marron and 90 Minute Imperial IPA (all from Dogfish Head) up from down there to us here in the Big City. Considering it’s like a 3 hour train ride and haul across town… it was much appreciated.

We made some room in a little known fridge for six bottles and got to work. At the end of the day, with one last meeting to go, we broke out the varieties for some tasting to go with the meeting. Now anyone who has cracked a cold one when a group has been working hard and fighting the good fight knows the positive impact a good beer can have… this wasn’t a loud, chugging keg thing… it was a tasting, an exploration, a gentile experiment in the possibilities and hard work of others… a small bit of sensory payback for a hard working team enjoying the work of other hard working folks (beer this good cannot be easy to make!)

And the Dogfish Head did not disappoint. Mark had this to say about the Palo Santo Marron “I love the caramel flavor! One of the best brown ales I’ve ever had.” Evan said “If I had to assign a number between 1-10 the Raison D’Etre would get an 11” (and I’d agree, I loved it! Lively and filled with flavor, beautifully balanced, with a rich earthy color).

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of “Hi, c’mon on in, the meeting will be over in a few minutes, grab a glass and have a taste (pause for pouring, sniffing, tasting… ah and then…) “You guys sure know how to live!”. Which is is exactly why the effort was made to procure Dogfish Head. The team deserved to feel that level of care and appreciation. Done.

Dogfish Head… simply amazing. (If you’re reading along here, make the effort to try some.) It’s a shame they don’t sell sampling packs…


We’ll be doing this every two weeks, suggestions about highest quality craft beers are welcome…

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