Catching up on a busy Friday…

UK_181_1_3--220-220.jpgI can feel the cool weather returning, and my bike rides getting cold (I generally have to ride early.) The Lightweight Softshell pictured here (which may not be continuing in the line) is a perfect complement piece for these midway days. It’s light and folds down to nothing, yet it’s rain resistant and wind blocking and nice enough to wear off the bike. I recommend purchasing Rapha out of season as the prices reflect the quality, but by all means… do get some into your bike kit. It’s wonderful stuff. Unfortunately for me lovely gear bought for me last year will be somewhat large on me this year. So it goes.

img_1170_small.jpgA friend at work noticed my shoes the other day… I promised a link. My well worn (and much beloved) 5.10 Guide Tennies. The Stealth rubber is awesome outside, but be careful inside, you can easily leave scuffs (which you can remove eraser like, but still. Super adjustable, with just the right amount of stiffness in the sole. An approach shoe, it’s an excellent all arounder and joy whether doing some hiking, a bit of climbing, or just hanging around. Of course, it well suited to those common occasions when you’re doing all of those, and I’d add an excellent shoe for “casual” biking as the sole has some stiffness to it which makes comfortable for pedaling with good energy transfer. I wore out the previous pair in just such a fashion but their demise was the result of my stubbornly riding my commute in the rain, and getting covered in liquified goose crap. Everything else (bike included) washed up nicely. The shoes were going to reek forever. So it goes.

IMG_0158.JPGNext up is the continuing tastings at work. We trying craft beers, and having a minor blast doing it. This is round two we’re looking at. The Blue Point Blueberry Ale was the one everyone loved that days. Kudos also went to the Troeg Troegenator on that day. A follow up tasting brought enjoyment from the Southampton IPA. For me, We didn’t have the sort of food that compliment the Hop Rod Rye… it might have gotten a raw deal. Next tasting in a week. So it goes.

Next up date is tea. IMG_0171.jpg Green tea specifically. This is part of the “vanquish the last vice” effort. I try and find what I think is the habit or vice that is most destructive to me and remove the most destructive portion. In my case that would seem to be the copious quantities of Diet Coke I drink at work. I’ve replaced that with drinking green tea. makes this simple with their IngenuiTEA pot. A simple strainer mechanism makes it super easy to get hot water and leaves in and tea out in about 3 minutes. A 4 cup sized device means there’s not really enough for our group. So it goes.

IMG_0173.jpgThe last of today’s updates was some artisanal hand made, fair trade, you got love people who care this much Chocolate (that’s correct capital “C” in this case) from Taza. The team was celebrating yet another launch, and so as is our way, a bit of chocolate is handed out to celebrate the achievement. In this case the Guajillo Chili, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Cacao Puro varieties were loved in that order. Folks loved the crunchy nature of the chocolate (it’s stone ground so bits of sugar and cocoa nibs remain). The Cacao Puro probably didn’t get a fair shake since it came last, and had to compete with others. The Vanilla was considered a bit too subtle. So it goes. IMG_0169.jpg

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