Five Ten Impacts and Piloti (The Footwear Chronicles cont.)


Comfy sneaks with lots of grip. Keeps my ankles protected for those times when I begin to believe I can huck a bike off of anything, or when I just stumble over myself. Picked them up on clearance a couple years back and have no regrets. Looking particularly hip in this case with the Panache Cycling houndtooth socks.

Next up are my Piloti shoes. they don’t seem to make this model anymore, which explains why they were also on clearance. About three years into the wearing, they’re great shoes for a Sunday, or end of the week commute because they’re designed for driving, and work reasonably well on a bike (A stiffer sole would help on the bike, but would probably lose some of the sensitivity that makes them work so well when driving). The round heel cup and extended edging make for comfortable driving, even if you get into a bit of heel and toe work, but there’s enough cush to make errands, shopping, and other weekend activities a pleasure.

Don’t be fooled, Piloti makes serious race shoes if you’re part of the horsepower set, and they’re well made touring shoes look is well designed for the Concours folks. But I find that for a day in and out of the car, or longer trips they’re an excellent choice. The fit and finish on these is excellent and the more luxurious versions can easily hide in an office where no one will know that in your head you’re taking the off camber on your favorite twisty mountain road.

On this day, they’re paired with Rapha merino wool socks (the black with the pink accent.) Nice.



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