If only…

In late December when Lance Armstrong tweeted: “Epic ride . . . 115 miles, 6.5 hrs, 10k ft climbing, 5300 Kjs. Sunny and 70 most of the day til we finished in the dark.”

To us mere mortals that’s an average of 17.7 mph (28.5 kph) on a mountainous training ride. Ouch.

In part it explains why the story of Joao Correia, who lost 60 lbs. and is riding for Cervelo Test Team is so compelling. Inside of each and every person is a voice that says, if I could only train more, drop the weight, I too, could be a pro. (Hey people, try and remember he was a pro before he gained that weight, *you,* most likely, were not.)

I’ve been fascinated by that voice since I was a little boy. I know the truth now. I’ve played with top notch football players who were going to the NFL combines and not quite making it. I’ve played on fields, and courts, played chess against masters… I love learning my current limits. It just extends my reach.

I’ve also been on bike rides with Cat 1 & 2 racers (who are still not pro level) and as usual, what they do on a bike and what I do on a bike are only similar in the broadest sense. That’s cool. I don’t aspire to be a pro or even race. But there’s always a little voice inside of me that says… if only. That voice makes anything possible.

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