Anticipation… arrival


This story starts 2 years ago in early February. A person (to be named later) was posting pictures (the pic above is his as well) about a newly built bike. I had some questions, wrote to him, and learned a few things. Several months and a bike sale later, I was looking to build something similar adjusted for my situation. But the bike business is a tweaky one at times, and my LBS couldn’t easily become a dealer, and paying retail (which my LBS would have done for me) seemed wrong, and at that point paying retail directly to the company (an option) seemed wrong too. I really think it’s important to support local businesses.

So I took my thoughts in a slightly different direction and built the Jones 3D Spaceframe bike. That took the rest of 2008. Saving money, making decisions, finally ordering, waiting for it to be crafted, then the build itself. And it’s been awesome. But it wasn’t a replacement for the previous idea, and I hoped to one day get back to it…

A few weeks ago the original frame that started all of this was put up for sale. Actually a “rolling chassis” as the industry says, with wheels (2 sets actually) a fork, custom stem, Bontrager seat post, and King bottle cages… all for about the money I had saved. I considered for a few moments, but knew that if I wanted a chance I had to move. So I called Lisa, sent an email to the owner, and was first in line. I checked size, looked over pictures and drawings (it is a custom frame) — things looked good. And here we are with a chassis to build up. It’s based on the MootoX YBB, and after dropping a few parts on for test, it seems very close in the one measurement I was concerned with to the bike I ride the most. Sweet.

My LBS is closed for vacation so I can’t order the build until they’re back. Since I wait, you wait. The next installment will provide some more back story about the guy I got this from and his exploits, and then more about what makes this bike unique, and then we’ll finish up with the build. Allez!

3 thoughts on “Anticipation… arrival

  1. David Schloss says:

    The funny thing is that I used to have Glenn’s Quality account login so I could have ordered you parts this week, but I’ve got no idea where that login info is now.

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