That’s my opinion of the weather. Gray, wet, cold… nasty. Upside of getting out? I chatted with a nice guy on Richard Sachs road bike. Classic Sachs color and “atmo”. The guy passed me pleasantly enough, but I called out “Richard Sachs? You bastard!” with a big smile on my face. It caused him to slow up, and we chatted for a few miles until I turned around. Nice. I also saw a Waltworks the other day. The new Niner carbon fork, fronting some nice black painted steel. Super clean build. Midwinter riding is bringing out some people and stuff. I’m still my old self however, because I got the name of neither fellow.

I did have some biker trash fun today though. One of the set of wheels I got with the frame (that I *still* have not built) was a pair of Zipp 505 clincher rims laced to a set of ISO disc DT Swiss 240 mountain hubs. Since they don’t have discs on them yet, I had no issue throwing them on the ‘Roll for fun. I got the usual biker snob looks of disdain running aero Zipps in midwinter on a steel bike, but that sort of thing just makes me smile. Some folks don’t know how little style they have.

Lack of cooperation displayed below… sigh. Allez!

  • Date Jan 24, 2010
  • Time 10:34 AM
  • Total Distance 17.30 mi.
  • Weather Conditions light rain mist
  • Temperature 32.0 ℉

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