Storm King Mountain


You’d think that I would have known I was going to do this? Nah. 48 miles, 2155 feet of climbing.

I believe it happened because I chose the route that didn’t have the “trucks this way” arrow. I now suspect that was a big mistake. I did get to see a motorcycle dude get pulled over for speeding (I presume). Kinda rare thinks I. I also almost got wiped off my bike by cars passing inches away from me about 9 times. What was with everyone today?

Some lovely woman at the Riverside Deli and Market filled my bottles with cold water for me despite being closed. She also wished me a good ride. That was awesome! Go buy stuff from them!

The signage to find the walkway across the Newburgh Beacon bridge leaves a lot to be desired.

I meant to ride with the Club today, but I seem to have missed the groups. I can’t imagine how I managed that…

It was hot and sunny, and I was exposed far more and later in the day than I usually ride (because I was killing time waiting for the group ride that I missed.) so I’m lightly sunburned. The killer burn sections were the Storm King Mountain climb, the roads in around the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, and the bridge itself, and a few sections of 9D going home. Sigh.

I dislike cycling gloves that leave strange shaped patterns on the back of my hands. I knew I grabbed the wrong pair the minute I got to where I was going and had no alternatives with me.

Last week pouring rain and hail, this week an overabundance of sun. Such is cycling. Allez!