10.7: Some Mission Control keyboard shortcut tips and conflicts

10.7: Some Mission Control keyboard shortcut tips and conflicts: Mission Control includes keyboard shortcuts for each space which use the Control key (^) and Control+Option (^ ⌥). These keys can conflict with quite a few high end apps which use many keyboard shortcuts, and turning them off isn't so obvious.

In Spaces (Now ‘Desktops,’ which I suppose is more accurate) desktops numbered 1-10 are defined by Control+(1-0) and desktops 11-16 by Control+Option+(1-6). These are useful to know if you regularly use lots of spaces, and are easy to remember.

You can easily turn off ALL Mission Control shortcuts in System Preferences, but the Control Left-right keys are still quite useful, and don’t conflict with many apps.

The trick is to have all the desktops active BEFORE you try to edit keyboard shortcuts if you want to edit just the ones for the desktops.

  • To turn off just the keys for each Space, first go into Mission Control.
  • Now you’ll need to add the maximum of 16 desktops to remove all the ke …

Source: Mac OS X Hints

10.7: Have a custom Dock per Space

10.7: Have a custom Dock per Space: An awesome new feature in OSX Lion that is easily overlooked is the ability to customize the Dock in each Space.

By right clicking or Ctrl+clicking on a dock icon and then going to ‘Options’ you will notice the ability to assign that icon to ‘All Desktops’, ‘This Desktop’ or ‘None’. None is set by default.

A simple yet useful feature that was requested so many times in Snow Leopard.

[crarko adds: This is legitimately cool if you like to use custom Spaces, and a good follow-up to this hint.]

Source: Mac OS X Hints