I had fallen out of love with LinkedIn a long time ago, but last week’s sneaky move (read about it here) pushed me over the edge. What a lost opportunity. LinkedIn was built on such a fantastic core idea. And then they tried to be twitter-and-facebook-and-everything-else at once. Bummer.

But don’t worry, here’s a new service that seems to be getting it right: Zerply is a beautifully designed service that let’s you find like minded people by tags, skills, location and let’s you set up a public profile themed by world class designers.

You’re dreading entering all your information again? No worries, you can import all of your information directly from LinkedIn during the setup. Easy peasy.

I hope that Behance will strike a deal with them and let us display our portfolios on Zerply as well.

Hat tip to the team behind Zerply. They site is beautifully designed and well considered. Here’s my public Zerply my profile.

[Seems like a good idea… but I haven’t tried it yet…]
Source: swissmiss

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