Beth on Brushes (more education related ranting)


Beth on Brushes:

I made this video of Beth lying in bed using Brushes on her iPad to trace a cartoon character. I was struck by the level of sophistication in her interaction with the app and made this quick video. All the voiceover was added in post, except for the part where I help her with the brush sizing.

Beth is four years old. Four.

[This is what art class ought to look like in 2011. I wish my son’s did. Go check out the video on Frasier’s page.]
Source: Fraser Speirs

Some of you have this all wrong. This isn’t whether I can afford to buy Noah an iPad. My complaint is that educators aren’t changing the way they teach fundamental skills for a world that already operates differently. Never mind how it will operate 20 years from now when my kid is finishing up his basic education.

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