How SOPA Will Destroy The Internet

How SOPA Will Destroy The Internet » – Happenings and observations:

If this becomes law, it’s a short stretch from SOPA to NODA (No Online Dissent Anywhere) and if you think I’m a nutcase for saying so, I’d like to remind everybody what happened just over a year ago, when US politicians were tripping over themselves to shut down wikileaks (a royal fiasco in which this company was embroiled) and to this day, they have not been charged with a crime anywhere.

Many of the “dirty tricks” employed against Wikileaks would be enshrined on law under SOPA (and someday, NODA):

A requirement that service providers block access to offending domains, including that they stop resolving their DNS
Search engines to purge search results for offending domains
Payment processors to sever ties to offending domains
And they added an extra provision that it will be an offense to knowingly create a service or system to provide a workaround to a banned domain or host. So for example, they would no longer have to hassle Mozilla to remove that firefox plugin that let’s you reach ICE blocked websites, it would be illegal to make it or distribute it.

[snip… emphasis below is mine -Ed.]

Already we get business from companies whose stated corporate IT policy is to not use US based servers to hold email or route web traffic. I’m not talking about torrent hosts, whistleblowers and fake Rolex vendors. We’re talking large enterprise entities whose legal departments find even the theoretical legal ability for Homeland Security to monitor their corporate communications simply intolerable.

[Land of the free eh? Don’t stand on the sidelines for this one. Disclosure: I use easydns to host domains.]

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