Bill Strickland’s Year-End Top 1 List

Bill Strickland’s Year-End Top 1 List:

The only thing that really, truly matters in cycling is that I’ll be out there, and that I got out there today, and yesterday, too, and however many days I made it on a bike in 2011. Maybe some of you haven’t been out riding in a week. Maybe some of you doubled up today. You might be in a big training block right now, or plummeting down a holiday-season spiral. The jackets we own might not be one of the ten best according to some blogger. Our socks might not be the Pantone color of the year (it’s 17-1463, tangerine tango, for 2012).

That stuff? It all ranks somewhere between number two and infinity. Get out on your bike. I’m thinking I’ll take Shimerville.

[I’ll be out tomorrow at some point. 12 miles to hit my goal. Less than an hour.]

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