Mallory Myths – Gear Timezone

Mallory Myths – Gear Timezone:

Their layers of wool, silk and cotton was lighter than modern clothing and extremely comfortable to wear
Mallory’s boot was the lightest ever used on Everest.

The 1924 Everesters were lightweight specialists who understood their clothing better than most modern climbers
The complete set of garments was field tested on Everest, by Graham Hoyland, the great nephew of Howard Somervell, in April 2006. He confirmed that the replicated garments indeed formed a sophisticated, effective and comfortable clothing system which ‘was perfectly adequate for a summit bid’. Graham Hoyland, Everest, April 2006

[Unsurprising considering that we’ve all “rediscovered” wool and silk in the last few years, and who doesn’t love cotton? You just have to be more careful about getting them wet. Cotton, because it takes a long time to dry, wool because it absorbs so much water that it weighs a ton until it dries, and loses it’s shape along the way. etc. But still, awesome.]

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