More on pattern mismatches (MVC etc.)

ActiveRecord (and Rails) Considered Harmful – Literate Programming:

If you’ll notice, I basically have said that models are a problem. Controllers are a problem. Views are a problem. MVC has served the web well, even if it isn’t the GUI style MVC that named the pattern. But I think we’re reaching its limits; the impedance mismatch between HTTP and MVC, for example, is pretty huge. There are other ways to build web applications; I’m particularly excited about WebMachine. I don’t have a constructive alternative to offer here, I just know there’s a problem. I’m still mulling this one over.

[Some interesting thinking here. It feels like it makes certain things easier but is not fleshed out. Maybe because it’s new, but maybe it just doesn’t feel quite right. I’m fairly convinced that part of the problem is the amount of functionality we often cram into one application.]

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