Timing issues

ICANN follow-up:

I just don’t understand how the world works, obviously. People are lying when they say they’ll take stories from anywhere. This story is very easy, no leaks necessary, the only digging needed is to click a link and spend five minutes reading.

[I’ll bet this is a timing issue. Namely, that folks are working on a bunch of things and it’s hard to stop and take a look at something else with any real attention, even from folks you respect. Or maybe it was break time. Who knows. But I do know that timing has a lot to focus, attention, and quality of service. It’s hard to maintain a high QoS if you also do all the work. It leads to all sorts of management strategies from the simplest “no phone, no email” policies I see amongst craft people all the time, where contacting them means physically moving yourself to where they are and praying that they’re there when you are… anyway. Timing is of the essence, and finding simple ways to manage timing is hard. Personally, I started with a metronome.]

Source: Scripting News

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