What is Silicon Valley?

Thread: What is Silicon Valley?:

Yet the Net is not equal everywhere, and that will be an issue for Silicon Valley in the coming decades. Because doing what’s best for the Net hasn’t been a top priority there, with one notable exception: Google. But with Google, the exception is actually in Kansas City, where Google Fiber is being deployed. Right now it looks like yet another cable+internet boxed services play. But that masks a different agenda: attracting new business, new uses and new innovation in boundless variety.
Today, while Big Data gets the big buzz, few talk about how little that data is worth if the pipes it travels are biased as one-way sluices for “content” mills, which is what most cable connections are optimized for. It will take a few years for the tech world to smell the coffee brewing in Kansas City, Lafayette, Chatanooga, and a few dozen other enlightened places that have troubled to get ahead of the curve. Here’s a new years toast to them.

[It makes a far greater difference than one would expect.]

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