Stop bullshitting.

Thread: Stop bullshitting.:

This is the best piece you’ll read all day, maybe all year.

Don’t miss the opportunity to clean house and have a great rest of your life, even if you haven’t narrowly escaped death.

Stop Bullshiting – Bucketlistly Blog:

Facing with mortality, people become more open, and honest to themselves. The things that people usually do in their daily lives such as being right, being important, and being selfish suddenly vanished. That’s what made these people become more human than any of us. They are open to changes, even if they were certain for their entire lives that they were right. They apologize, They forgive, express love whenever possible.

[What a profound effect this can have for all of us. I lie and fool myself and worse, demand honesty and truth from others at a very high level. I will continue to be better at this. I’ve made the greatest strides so far at giving others space to not face the truth. Time for reach for more.]

Source: Scripting News

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