Another theory on Apple’s stock price

→ Another theory on Apple’s stock price:

I’ve managed not to lose money, but I probably haven’t made enough to be worth the time and stress of managing these stock positions myself. I’m considering getting myself out of the individual-stock business. It’s more apparent over time that this is a huge game run by an oligarchy with infinite resources, little oversight, and no consequences, and I’m gambling blindly, hoping to piggyback coincidentally on a giant’s massive wins.

I can’t help but think that individuals like me are better off not playing the game, and that my actual work is more worthy of the attention I give those stocks.

[I’d have to agree overall]


One thought on “Another theory on Apple’s stock price

  1. gerry says:

    You might try yield stocks like Verizon paying about 5% and quite safe. Buy it and don’t worry about price, just collect the dividend. Plenty like that out there AT&T. Con Ed. Or not.

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