Oh sugar, you won’t melt — trust me.

My Mom Lives in a Small Town:

Oh sugar, you won’t melt — trust me. I lived in Seattle for 24 years where rain is a way of life.

Side note: I bet you my Mom was thinking of the classic Asimov short story Rain, Rain, Go Away when she wrote “sugar, you won’t melt.” (I know that story’s in her library because that’s where I read it.)

And: the scene with the Public Works people reminds me of Jubal Harshaw in Stranger in a Strange Land when the government dudes land on his flower beds. “Get that God damned heap off my rose bushes!”

[Brent (or his Mom) hits it out of the park with Asimov *&* Heinlein. As a kid (I read Stranger when I was 12) I wanted to be like Jubal. I got some of it right.]

Source: inessential.com

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